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Yik Wo International Holdings Limited engages in the design and development, manufacturing and sales of disposable plastic food containers. Our Group designs and produces the moulds by ourselves for use in our disposable plastic food storage containers. Our products are mainly sold under our brand "JAZZIT"with various physical properties such as high heat thermal resistance, high strength and  elasticity. Our products are sold to customers located in more than ten provinces, including  Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang , Shanxi , Hebei , Henan,etc. The company has obtained the National Industrial Product Manufacturing Licence ,ISO 14001 certification and ISO 9001 certification . According to the  report prepared by Frost & Sullivan,we are the fourth largest disposable plastic food storage container company in the PRC in 2019 in terms of our sales.Yihe International Holding Co., Ltd.

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